my adventure pup!

My jewelry line emerged slowly. I graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Jewelry and Metals from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. I had about seven years, which I refer to as 'before craft', where I worked an office job and almost never touched my beloved tools or sheets of silver. Slowly, I found time to get my studio in order, designs started to flow in my head, my hands gravitated towards my tools and a small jewelry line came to being and I haven't looked back since.

I am someone who likes to get my hands dirty, wearing away fingernails as I hold metal objects which I sand, file, texture and enamel to make into a wearable art. Out of the chaos and loudness of metal banging on metal, torches hissing and tools whirling comes seemingly delicate, soft jewelry. Jewelry which seems simple yet is rich in detail, be it texture impressed by old hammers, power tools, a scribe in my hand or glass enamels added to give pops of color, or mixing metals to add a subtle detail.

My pieces are inspired by the outdoors. I love graffiti and moss equally, the texture of pavement and bark, the color a brightly painted door and a wildflower, the angles of a street corner and a winding trail. My passions are represented in my jewelry, simply through texture, shape and color. I feel pretty lucky that I can take what my eyes see and use my hands to make a representation of that vision to get out into the world.

Thanks for buying handmade. I wouldn’t be making piles of silver dust without you!

When I'm not at my bench I am running, hiking, training for races, swimming every month of the year (YES! even January in New England!), identifying wildflowers and photographing everything shiny that catches my eye. In December I adopted this sweet pup and named her Clover. She is my best adventurer, always up for a new experience and holding me to my goal of exploring a little something every day, even if it is learning a new trick in the kitchen. Clover continues to amaze me, she is the friendliest of dogs, every human and person is a potential new best friend, she knows the trail better than I do and can camp like a pro. 

My adventures on the road and trail lead me to places so rich in beauty I hardly believe my feet got me there. As I grow stronger and more confident I explore more and take this beauty and strength back to my bench to inspire the work I send out into the world. While I am out exploring trails and training for my next long run I capture details which inspire me and share them on Instagram. Just as my jewelry line took time to come in to being, I see my photographs becoming a part of what defines me as an artist. For now, they influence which colors and textures find a way into my jewelry designs. I say for now, because I hope they become another form of my artistic expression.

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